Installation & Sculpture

Bait, Biff, & You (2016)

vinyl, welded steel, audio

Headphones on a hook lure the viewer inside to listen to this audio: 

Flow of Information (2015)

photo fragments from a KODAK Picture Kiosk, 2 fans, wood, book margins cut off and re-bound, video projection

Solo exhibition at Merlino Gallery – Long Beach, CA.

3 Seconds of Audio (2015)

audio waveform zoomed-in to .01 seconds per 25 centimeters and traced onto paper spool, welded steel, white paint

Installed in the BFA Sculpture studio at Cal State Long Beach.

Bellies (2014-2015)

plaster, burlap, digestible products

Week 28

Weeks 1 – 2

Solo Exhibition at Merlino Gallery – Long Beach,CA.

I found a frog on a nature trail behind Jet Propulsion Laboratory. The trailhead was ashy gravel and spikey shrubs. No trees, no water. Only sun cooking rocks and bleaching retinas, and banging, clanking, droning construction of a three-story parking garage next door. The transition was seamless from street, to parking lot, to dusty pavement, to hoarse grit, to damp crevice, to trickling creek, to rippling brook and green life. I found the frog on the dusty pavement bit. The frog was dead. It hadn’t been squashed. It was fully intact, and nothing had attempted to eat it. It had just dried up and died. Looked mummified. Skin was crispy and fragile. Seepage of its inside juices were visible under the belly. Eye sockets open. Eyeballs sunken. Not a frog anymore.

In the 18th century, with European colonialism underway and the near launch of the first World Fair, Carolus Linnaeus developed our biological taxonomy. The hierarchal classification system of all living organisms was affixed based on physical characteristics. Species were named and grouped according to type, or rank, and a diagnosis of its distinguishing features. In doing so, the differences between each taxon were meticulously recorded to ensure that organisms within the same family would not be confused with another, or vice versa. Humans were categorized as Animal rationalis, with rationality being the distinguishing characteristic that separated man from all other animals.

Synonyms for digest (verb/noun)

: Abbreviation, absorb, abstract, abridgement, album, analyze, anthology, arrange, assimilate, assort, break down, brief, categorize, chew the cud (slang), chew over, chymify, class, classify, codify, cogitate, compartment, compartmentalize, compendium, compilation, comprehend, compress, condense, concoct, consume, consider, contemplate, cut, decrease, dissolve, distinguish, distribute, eat, edit, encapsulate, epitome, expurgated version, get to the meat, grasp, grade, group, incorporate, ingest, learn, make concise, macerate, meditate, metabolize, methodize, mull over, muse on, outline, pandect, ponder, peg, place, put in a nutshell, process, range, rank, reduce, reduction, reflect on, relegate, résumé, ruminate, separate, short version, sketch, sleep on it, soak up, sort, summary, summation, survey, swallow, syllogism, synopsis, systematize, tabulate, take in, take out, think about, think over, think, type, understand, weigh, informal wrap-up.

Bellies (2014-2015), Colette Brown